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Professional Cleaning Products
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We formulate professional cleaning products in line with our customers' needs, taking care of the quality of raw materials.

professional cleaning


Excellent service, hospitality and facility are fundamental factors in the hospitality industry, but not sufficient to guarantee an optimal experience for your guests. Clean and comfortable environments, fragrant fabrics are key requirements for customer satisfaction. We guarantee specific solutions for every surface, scented environments, soft fabrics and shiny floors. Our innovative formulas, combined with high-performance dispensing systems, reduce the total cost of professional cleaning operations.

professional cleaning


Sanitising hospital environments and equipment is essential to prevent bacterial proliferation and infection. Hospitals, clinics and elderly people's homes pay attention to effective disinfection issues, necessary to ensure the highest level of hygiene and healthiness of the environment. Liber offers a range of products registered with the Ministry of Health as PMCs. Our solutions also comply with the MEC requirements laid down by the Ministry for the sanitisation of healthcare facilities.

professional cleaning


Quality, freshness and service are the foundations on which the Italian restaurant industry is developed, paying particular attention to the image and hygiene especially in the bathrooms and kitchen where it is essential to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.
The aim of Liber is to facilitate cleaning and sanitising operations in the restaurant industry, providing customers with efficient products and experience to integrate with H.A.C.C.P. self-control procedures.

professional cleaning


The sanitisation and cleaning of food production environments and machinery and everything that is related to production hygiene, to food safety and to cost optimisation for the sanitisation of production processes is an indispensable reference for Liber in order to increase consumer confidence.
Therefore, the aim is to provide practical and cost-effective products and systems that facilitate cleaning and sanitising operations, and to draw up cleaning procedures for the equipment and facilities appropriate to the need and size of the food business.

professional cleaning


The laundry line includes a range of specific solutions to satisfy the washing needs in healthcare facilities, hotels, industrial laundries, cleaning companies and self-service laundries. Our job is to offer professional washing systems capable of not only producing a clean textile product, but also to safeguard consumer health.

professional cleaning


The carwash sector in Italy has numerous facilities, both professional and self-service, that require high-performance products for fast washing and the total removal of very specific and complicated stains.
During the development of the product range, special attention has been paid to the ease of use of the products, considering the new materials used in the automotive industry and ensuring the smooth operation of the systems.

professional cleaning


Whether open to the public or reserved for staff, offices are places where many people circulate and require special attention to cleanliness and hygiene. The recent health emergency has made observance of hygiene standards even more crucial, and all spaces must be thoroughly sanitised. Our highly concentrated products offer the ideal solution for cleaning office environments.

professional cleaning


The manufacturing sector requires products specifically designed for industrial cleaning that ensure high quality standards. In fact, surfaces in this sector are subject to stubborn dirt, and at Liber we formulate high cleaning power solutions for quality results on surfaces and floors. In addition, we have a wide range of dosing systems to suit every need.

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