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15 February 2023

Professional Ecolabel detergents

Liber has always been sensitive to sustainability, carefully selecting raw materials for the formulation of its Ecolabelled professional detergents.

What does Ecolabel indicate in professional detergents?

Minimum Environmental Criteria

The Ecolabel is a European Union recognition that indicates and certifies the ecological quality of certain products, which, while maintaining high performance standards, are characterised by a reduced environmental impact during their life cycle.
The Ecolabel was created in 1992 to certify, according to strict scientific criteria, products and services characterised by a low environmental impact and at the same time guaranteeing performance standards equal to or higher than a 'traditional' product. Every single professional detergent is analysed in its entire life cycle, according to different characteristics, including reusability and recyclability of the product.

Discover Liber's Ecolabel professional detergents

Our products comply with EU criteria aimed at promoting the circular economy, taking into account their impact on the environment, without sacrificing effectiveness, we guarantee high performance standards.
Our vision of sustainability does not stop at the formulation, our Ecolabelled products have recycled plastic packaging. Our line with Ecolabel offers floor cleaners, all-purpose cleaners and bathroom hygiene products.

Minimum Environmental Criteria

Why choosing Liber's Ecolabel professional detergents

Minimum Environmental Criteria

The professional Ecolabel detergents are the perfect solution for all businesses that have chosen to minimise their environmental impact. The Ecolabel on these products not only certifies the eco-friendliness of the product, but also guarantees its quality and performance. Contact us to learn more by sending a email at

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