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10 April 2023

The new Liber website is online

Liber website

Liber announces the new website launch, which comes as a new working tool for professional cleaning expertsoffering a user-friendly navigational experience user-friendly which fully presents the 3 brand of Liber, Likor and Hobo products.

The new Liber website design

The new Liber website has been developed with an eye on providing the user with high performance in terms of usability even in a responsive mode, guaranteeing a better customer experience.  

The site starts by presenting the 3 brands for the distribution of professional detergents and personal care cosmetics, giving users the possibility,in the reserved area, to download the complete technical and safety data sheets and related product images, becoming a real sales support tool. 

In terms of design, the website features a modern and minimalist graphic layout, characterised by institutional colours in line with the company's Brand Identity.

Liber website

Discover the new Liber website structure

From a structural point of view, the navigational menu has been reorganised to move around the site in a few simple clicks.

Liber website
  • The Homepage describes the company through a claim Hygiene and Sustainability, everywhere, offering a clear reading of the Liber vision. Next, on the same level, are the 3 product brands, to highlight the solutions the company offers.
  • The 'Company' page describes the history and evolution of the company, which has turned it into today's leading manufacturer of industrial detergents
  • The 'Partnerships & Certifications' page presents the important partnerships and certifications that confirm the professionalism and reliability of Liber.
  • The Research & Development page describes the structured working method of Liber.
  • The 'Products' page, which is the heart of the website, presents the products of the 3 brands in a comprehensive manner, giving the possibility to navigate by selecting the type of use.
  • On the 'Our customers' page, is given a description of the specific sectors in which our professional cleaning products are used
  • On the 'Training' page of the site, you can view and subscribe to training courses designed for experts in the field
  • Finally, the 'Blog & news' and 'Download' sections allow you to surf through industry news and Liber world news, respectively, and download company brochures

With the new website, users will be able to discover all of the company's products online in preview.

Navigate on the new Liber website and enter the world of professional cleaning!

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